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     Permanent Electron Co., Ltd. is located at the Mindong Electrical Machinery and Electric Appliance Town of China. It is a professional manufactrer of electrical machinery and electronic complementary products of generator, which has the first-class production equipment and the ability of research and develop exquisite technical craft.

The company mainly produces generator automatic voltage regulator (AVR), frequency changer, engine governor, controller, battery charger and other electronic products. It has a set of advanced check-out facilities, gathers a group of professional technicians to engaged in product research and development. It can provide various kinds of special specification product for customers. Their products are exported to many countries and areas, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., which capture clients.

The company takes Quality, Sincere, Practical, Innovation as their objective to unceasingly consummates enterprise connotation management, firmly implants in mind the idea ofcompletes every particular, unceasingly absorbs new craft and technology, and exactly fulfils ISO9002 quality management system.

      Sincerely welcome merchants at home and abroad to visit us to cooperate and develop together.

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Address:No.C-13-1 Tiehu Mechanical & Electrical Industrial Zone, Chengyan Town, Fuan,Ningde, Fujian, China
Tel:86-593-6050668  Fax:86-593-6116388   E-mail: avr@permanent.cc; avr@fjzhdz.com