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Generator Intelligent battery Charger ZH-CH2803

Keyword:battery charger     Time:2012年07月18日     Click:6925
1. Features of the product
1.1 Wide working voltage of AC 160~250V, and working frequency of 20~100Hz, can insure the engine still be charged at the low speed of rotation (users can directly replace the fuselage charger, or supply electricity for the whole city).
1.2 It can work in a wide temperature between -40℃and +50℃, and can be used in a 98%RH wet condition without congealing.
1.3 Constant current and fast charging. When the pressure of charge battery lower than the set value (12V battery group<12V, 24V battery group<24V), charge engine will work at the highest speed with a constant current. If electrical machine works at the same time, starting current is a large flow (charge engine is close to short circuit), but its constant current feature makes the equipment undestroyed. (See the section of constant current in graph 1)
1.4 Limited current. When the voltage of storage battery is full, (12V battery group≥12V, 24V battery group≥24V) charge current will be automatically limited. (See the section of constant voltage in graph 1)
1.5 Tricking current and float charging. It will turn to float charging within about 0.1~0.2A, (Relevant to the amount of electricity the objective equipment consumed) when the voltage reaches the set value. (13.8 V in the state of 12V, and 27.6 in 24V),
1.6 Stop charging. When the voltage of battery reaches the full value, (14 V in the state of 12V, and 28V in 24V) charging will be shut completely.
1.7 Over current and protection against for short circuit. Charging engine functions in over current and protection against for short circuit. When the capacity of battery is big, (inner resistance is small) bearing short circuit or charge engine is close to normal electricity and the storage battery starts diesel engine at the same time, the output current will still be constant and not be destroyed. Thus, when the storage battery used as the starting battery, charging engine cannot be shut.
1.8 Soft start. Because the system adopts the soft start function, it will not produce spark for electrical impulse. Besides, when the engine is connected online, it will not interrupt the electricity system.
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